1. What is Gnosis? What is the Gnostic Confraternity?


  1. What is death? What dies and what does Not die?


  1. Astral Unfolding


  1. The Seven Centers of the Human Machine


  1. The Dimensions and Where are the Dimensions within us?


  1. Prayers for Protection


  1. Evolution, Involution and Revolution


  1. The Seven Bodies and how to fabricate Soul and Spirit (what level is Attained Once You Fabricate the Solar Bodies)


  1. Return and Recurrence


  1. The laws of Karma and Dharma


  1. Drugs and Alcoholism


  1. Ego, Personality and Essence


  1. The Three Factors of the Revolution of Consciousness


  1. The Internal Chatter and the Psychological Song


  1. Concentration and Relaxation


  1. Meditation


  1. Life and the level of Being


  1. The world of relationships


  1. Technique to eliminate the Ego (Details and Death of the Go)


  1. The law of entropy and Octaves


  1. Dervishes Dance and the Transmutation of Cosmic Forces


  1. Pronunciation of the Mantras for Astral Unfolding (Fa-ra-on, La-ra-sss, Tai-rerere and the small jump)


  1. The Three Paths open to the Deceased


  1. Remember Yourself